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Sehlile Wilkinson is a peak performance coach and the mother of two beautiful children. She is married to Mark, who she loves dearly. Sehlile helps new entrepreneurs build confidence and navigate the business world so that they can take action and be profitable.

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My Story

Growing up from a disadvantaged background gave me the drive to want to change my story and become a definition of success. Thus, with determination, I did well in school and college which enabled me to land a job in banking. I progressed from a clerk position all the way up to becoming a manager. The benefits of this job were amazing, though it didn't afford me the time or money to travel the world. Therefore, I decided to retire at 32 years old and go into business instead. Network marketing was a revelation which opened doors for me and taught me so much about personal development, different sources of income and power of leverage as well as investing strategies. Over time, I invested money in property, farming and collaborated with others in gas and supply businesses too. However, despite all this effort my business still wasn't growing fast enough; sometimes this made me feel demotivated and I often procrastinated which resulted in feelings of self-doubt and fear.


My journey of searching for something to help me become the best version of myself led me to discover coaching. I sought clarity, freedom, and the confidence to live my life on my own terms. On this journey, I picked up valuable techniques that helped me believe in myself, break through obstacles like fear of failure and procrastination, and ultimately achieve success. Taking the plunge into action further propelled my business in completely new directions, along with more fulfilling aspects of my life. It was then that I realized how these results-driven strategies can be used to help others achieve their own ambitions – so I became certified as a Coaching Master so I could share what I had learned!

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a daunting prospect. Starting your own business is often a bumpy and frustrating experience as you grapple with uncertainty and doubt. But, that all changed when the idea of Peak Performance Coaching was born. With this unique system of coaching techniques, I am helping new entrepreneurs gain the confidence they need to take action towards their dream life. Whether you want a successful career or haven’t yet found the courage to set up your own business, together we will work on creating the life you have always been passionate about. Don't wait any longer! Take advantage of my free discovery call today and start your journey toward success!

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